Red Hat Society, Official Chapter 34231: The Gallery Gals of Laurel Hill, Florida - Since May 2004

When The Gallery Gals of
Laurel Hill are around you’ll notice!

Members of the Red Hat Society don’t need a secret handshake, when they’ve got provocative red hats and purple tops to match.

The Red Hat Society was founded in California less than four years ago, but it has already grown to 10,000 chapters in the states, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico – and of course the Caribbean.

The Laurel Hill chapter, known as “The Gallery Gals of Laurel Hill" founded by Estelle Rogers, will have its first gathering soon.  Those interested in joining should plan to attend. 

The purpose of the red hats is to serve no purpose other than for women to enjoy the company of women like themselves who want to defy the stereotypes of aging and meet middle age with dignity and humor.

Society members - women of fifty and over - meet each month for a public dinner attired in red hats and purple outfits. Younger members who attend the gatherings get to wear pink hats and lavender outfits until their big birthday.

This colorful garb was inspired by a poem titled Warning, by Jenny Joseph, which mentions getting older and wearing red and purple in defiance.

Estelle, the Queen Mother (the name given to the chapter's founder), of the Laurel Hill chapter says the monthly meetings offer an opportunity to get together for frivolity and fun and "color outside the lines" after all the years of putting everyone else first.

The Red Hat Society has its own web site -
www.redhatsociety.com - and all registered members get a weekly e-mail from society founder – Sue Ellen Cooper who has christened herself Exalted Queen Mother. EQM’s communiqués are breezy broadcasts, but beneath the silliness, according to the group's mission statement, lies comedy relief and under the frivolity a bond of affection forged by common life experiences and genuine enthusiasm for wherever life takes us next. Cooper urges women to join red gloved hands and go for the gusto.

Cooper says red hatters across the globe have already held two conventions- entire hotels filled with women of a certain age wearing red hats and purple outfits. Could world domination be far behind, she asks?

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Our chapter of the Red Hat Society, "The Gallery Gals of Laurel Hill" was formed on May 29th of 2004.

Our Mission Statement is: Have fun, enjoy life, make friends, do good things and always, but always, eat desert first!

Wearing a Red hat and a Purple outfit is the only criteria to join the group and have fun! Gloves are optional. There is a complete absence of rules and officers -- fun is the name of the game and we are going to have lots of it!

For more info ring
your Queen Mother, 
Estelle Rogers at 

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The Gallery Gals of Laurel Hill, Florida

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